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Do you suffer from headaches?

Cervicogenic headaches are associated with pain on one side of the head that could diffuse into the shoulder and arm. With this, the range of motion in the neck is usually reduced. Headaches can be associated of a range of different things from lack of sleep, increased stress, poor diet and even persisting tightness and pain through the neck. Physiotherapy can help with addressing multiple factors that could assist with reducing symptoms such as headaches.

Addressing the physiological side of cervicogenic headaches include strengthening the muscles around the neck and the shoulders to improve postural control. Relief with soft-tissue massage and mobilisation through and around the area of the neck can assist with temporary pain relief can definitely be beneficial in conjunction to stretches and strength exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist. However, resolving the physiological side is only one piece of the puzzle of getting on top of your headaches.

When dealing with headaches, we also have to consider the psychosocial side. This includes quality of sleep, cortisol and stress levels which can significantly impact your quality of life, and could result in frequent, chronic headaches. Prolonged positioning and posture is also a significant factor in reducing headaches/neck pain. Ensuring that you’re not sitting at your desk staring at your screen for long hours at a time is a great start.

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