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Comprehensive Screening for Fast Bowlers: Ensuring Peak Performance and Injury Prevention

Fast bowling in cricket is a physically demanding activity that places significant stress on the body, particularly the shoulders, hips, and lower limbs. To ensure that fast bowlers can perform at their best and minimize the risk of injury, comprehensive screening is essential. At SportsFit Health and Rehab, we offer specialized screening for fast bowlers, focusing on key areas of the body that are most affected by the rigors of bowling. Here’s an overview of the tests we conduct as part of our fast bowler screening program.

Upper Limb Assessment

Shoulder Range of Motion (ROM)

Purpose: To evaluate the flexibility and mobility of the shoulder joint, which is crucial for the repetitive overhead action of fast bowling. There is also evidence to show that reduction in internal rotation and an increase in external rotation in the shoulder of young fast bowlers, which is a natural adaption from the effects of throwing and bowling.

Shoulder Strength

Purpose: To ensure the shoulder muscles are strong enough to handle the stresses of fast bowling and to prevent injuries such as rotator cuff strains or tears.

Test: Measuring the strength of the shoulder muscles using dynamometers. Ideally the external rotation and internal rotation strength should be similiar

Thoracic Range of Motion (ROM)

Purpose: To assess the flexibility of the thoracic spine, which plays a significant role in the bowling action.

Test: Evaluating the thoracic spine’s ability to rotate, flex, and extend. Stiffness in rotation can lead to overcompensation of the lower back

Lower Limb Assessments

Hip Range of Motion (ROM)

Purpose: To evaluate the flexibility of the hip joint, essential for the explosive movements involved in fast bowling.

Test: Measuring the hip’s ability to move in different directions ( internal rotation, and external rotation).

Hip Strength (Adduction/Abduction)

Purpose: To ensure the hip muscles are strong enough to support the dynamic movements of fast bowling.

Test: Assessing the strength of the hip adductors and abductors using dynamometers.

Knee to Wall (Ankle Dorsiflexion)

Purpose: To assess the flexibility of the ankle joint, which is crucial for maintaining proper foot placement and balance during bowling.

Test: Measuring how far the knee can move towards the wall while keeping the heel on the ground.

Calf Endurance

Purpose: To evaluate the endurance of the calf muscles, which are vital for the repeated sprinting and jumping movements in fast bowling.

Test: Performing calf raises to failure or using endurance tests such as the heel raise test.

Core Assessments

Glute Bridge to Failure

Purpose: To assess the strength and endurance of the core muscles, including the glutes and lower back, which are essential for maintaining stability and power during the bowling action.

Test: Performing the glute bridge exercise until failure to measure endurance and muscle strength.

Why Screening is Essential for Fast Bowlers

Injury Prevention: Fast bowling is associated with a high risk of injuries, particularly in the shoulders, back, and lower limbs. Comprehensive screening helps identify potential weaknesses or imbalances that could lead to injuries if not addressed.

Optimizing Performance: By assessing the key areas involved in bowling, we can provide tailored exercises and interventions to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance, ensuring bowlers can perform at their peak.

Individualized Training Programs: The results from the screening allow us to create personalized training programs that target the specific needs of each bowler, enhancing their overall performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Monitoring Progress: Regular screening enables us to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to training programs, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to the demands of fast bowling.


At SportsFit Health and Rehab, we understand the unique demands placed on fast bowlers. Our comprehensive screening program is designed to identify potential issues before they become serious problems, allowing bowlers to perform at their best and enjoy a long, injury-free career. If you’re a fast bowler looking to optimize your performance and reduce the risk of injury, contact us today to schedule your screening.

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