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At SportsFit, our rehabilitation plan for you will be specific and individualised. Each phase will be planned with the aim of reaching your goals. This goal may be returning to running, which is why it is significantly important to bring your rehabilitation outside and not only in the gym! Think about it; if your goal is to run a marathon, strength and conditioning in the gym just doesn’t cut it. Similarly if your goal is to return to soccer, lets start doing sports specific drills on the field!

We have constructed a running rehab template that eases you back into running post injury. It covers different aspects of running as well as sports specific movements. We will go through a thorough warm up, running mechanics, plyometrics, testing (if necessary), acceleration, velocity, change of direction, reactive change of direction and conditioning.

If the initial injury was from running, we break down running mechanics and technique to see where the problem may have been. This then helps to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Our running rehab sessions are held at Five Dock park and are weather dependent. Sessions are 30-45minutes long.

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