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Sport Physiotherapy

“Not all clinics are created equal”

There is a big difference between ‘traditional’ physiotherapy and  modern sport physiotherapy


‘Traditional physiotherapy’ involves being stuck in a small room, getting a rub, and then being given a couple of band exercises, 3 x 10 (written down on paper). Or being stuck on a machine or needles, while the physio walks out and treats someone else. If that’s not good enough for professional sport, it’s not good enough for you.


A modern sport physiotherapist understands more than just how the body works.


They understand how rehab works. 


They understand how strength and conditioning works


They know how to take and use data to make decisions on the next step of your rehab journey


They understand how to plan for long term and short term goals, and keep themselves accountable to you. 


And that's exactly what you will get with us. 


High quality sport physiotherapy that would normally be accessible only to professional athletes. We have worked extensively with the Wests Tigers RLFC, and have taken the rehab methodology used at the elite level and applied to our patients here. 

Every patient will be treated in our fully equiped private gym. No, we will NOT take you over to a public gym, where you need to battle to get the approprate equipment. 

Along with session by session physiotherapy, we also offer fixed fee packages for long term rehab options, starting from as short as 6 weeks to as long as 12 months, headed up by our flagship ACL package, which integrate 1:1 sessions, running rehab sessions, and small group rehab classes. 


Because modern sport physiotherapy shouldn’t be unaffordable. 


Welcome to the future. Welcome to SportsFit. 

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The SportsFit System

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