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Sport Physiotherapy

“Not all clinics are created equal”

Distinguishing between 'traditional' physiotherapy and modern sports physiotherapy is crucial for your optimal care, especially in areas like Five Dock and the Inner West.

Traditional physiotherapy often confines you to small rooms, offering routine rubs and generic exercises on paper—3 sets of 10. It might involve time on machines or needles with minimal personalized attention. If it's not up to par for professional athletes, it's not up to par for you in places like Five Dock and across the Inner West.

Modern sports physiotherapists go beyond anatomy; they understand the intricacies of rehabilitation, strength and conditioning principles, and the strategic use of data for personalized recovery. They adeptly plan for both short and long-term goals, remaining accountable to you—an approach we fully embrace.

With us, you experience high-quality sports physiotherapy typically reserved for elite athletes, right here in Five Dock and across the Inner West. Having worked extensively with Wests Tigers RLFC and the Canterbury- Bankstown RLFC we've transposed elite-level rehab methodologies to benefit all our patients.

Expect to be treated in our fully-equipped private gym, ensuring a seamless experience with the right equipment, conveniently accessible in Five Dock and throughout the Inner West.

In addition to session-by-session physiotherapy, we offer fixed-fee packages for extended rehab options. Our flagship ACL package integrates 1:1 sessions, running rehab, and small group rehab classes—tailored to your unique needs in Five Dock and the broader Inner West.

Because modern sports physiotherapy shouldn't be financially out of reach, especially for those in Five Dock and the Inner West.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to SportsFit—your premier choice for sports physiotherapy in Five Dock and the Inner West.

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The SportsFit System

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