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FIVE DOCK Five DOck Sport PHysio physio rehab ACL

About Us

We are not just another physio clinic

At SportsFit, we pride ourselves on being a forward thinking company 

Our rehab programs is more than just a few theraband exercises. Our strength training is more than body weight exercises

Our physios are not only trained in pointing out your problems. We are trained in giving you solutions 

We are physios. We are strength and conditioning coaches. This is not just another physio clinic. This is a rehab facility. A rehab facility for everyone, for every injury, for every goal. 

See the difference for yourself.

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Meet the Staff

We  are  experienced in rehabbing all types of sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Read more about us

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The Tech

All of our programs integrate technology, to give you the best possible outcomes. We use our tech to help us guide treatment decisions, progressions in the gym, along with making your rehab plan more accessible

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The Facility

Our facility is fitted out with a state of the art inhouse gym, private and semi- private rooms, and ipad's available for client use.

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