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The Future Is Here

All of our programs integrate technology, to give you the best possible outcomes. We use our tech to help us guide treatment decisions, progressions in the gym, along with making your rehab plan more accessible



All of our exercises are inputted into Physitrack, an app you can download onto your phone that has your full rehab program on, along with videos of how to do the exercise. 

No more terrible pen and paper drawings 

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Strength Testing

Ever been to a physio, they feel around a muscle, or get you to push and then declare “oh yep thats weak/tight/loose”?

Chances are they are guessing

At SportsFit, we have three pieces of technology to accurately determine how strong you are

The first two are the grip dynamometer, and the hand held dynamometer. The purpose of these is to measure your strength in kilograms. It allows us to pick up subtle changes in your strength that would have otherwise been missed.

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Jump Mats

The third is the jump mat. 


The jump mats allows us to assess your hopping and jumping. 


Is the speed of your hop the same?

How high can you hop?  What is your vertical leap?


Combined with other assessments we can use this information to determine the risk of injury, or how ready you are to return to sport 


Pitch Ready

These assessments are part of our link with Pitch Ready

Pitch Ready is a company headed up by ACL expert Tim McGrath. Through a series of testing, we can determine your chance of sustaining a knee injury, or to see how ready to return to sport you are after an injury. This is the same service that many high profile teams around the world use, including teams in the EPL, NRL, and AFL. 

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Normatec Recovery Systems

The two best things that you can do for your recovery is sleeping well and eating well

But sometimes you need a bit extra

That’s where Normatec comes in. The same technology used by the best of the best, is now available for you.

The Normatec Recovery System is the world leader in recovery technology, and their patented technology can help you recover better either during your rehab, or during your season. 

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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Used by health and performance professionals, AirBands leverages the benefits of blood flow restriction (BFR) to reduce the time and intensity required to build muscle and increase strength.

BFR is particularly useful in early stages of an ACL rehab program, where the patient is unable to use much resistance due to pain and/or protocol restrictions. 

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