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ACL Rehab Program

Rehab for ACL - What Does It Look Like?

The ACL Rehab Package is our flagship package for those coming back from an ACL reconstruction, on the waiting list for an ACL reconstruction, or going through conservative ACL rehab. 


This package incorporates physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, running rehab, semi private sessions, as many Pitch Ready tests as required, and our Normatec Recovery Systems


This package is the most cost effective way to get back to your sport after an ACL injury, in a facility designed and created specifically for returning injured athletes (of all levels) back to sport. 

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Our ACL Rehab Statistics

ACL Rehabilitation

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a ligament responsible for limiting tibial anterior translation and internal tibial rotation. It plays a crucial role in knee stability, especially in change-of-direction sports like soccer, rugby, and basketball.

Traditional ACL rehab often involved surgery, but emerging evidence suggests surgery may not be necessary, depending on age and goals. Athletes like DeJuan Blair (NFL), Peter Wallace (NRL), and even Conor McGregor (UFC) fought with partial ACL tears, challenging the notion of mandatory surgery.

For those opting for surgery, the most common graft in Australia is the hamstring graft, compromising the hamstring. Due to the multifactorial nature of ACL rehab, a minimum of 9 months is recommended for the rehabilitation process.

Phase 1 - Baseline Block: In the initial 1-2 weeks post-surgery, our expert team concentrates on fundamental exercises, gait retraining, and swelling reduction. Our primary goal during this phase is to achieve full knee extension and enhance quadriceps strength. With individualized attention and cutting-edge techniques, we lay the foundation for a successful rehabilitation journey.

Phase 2 - Functional Block 1 and 2: In our facility in Five Dock, we delve into neuromuscular control and strength development. Progressing from foundational bodyweight exercises, we seamlessly move into a gym-based regimen. Our state-of-the-art equipment and personalized approach ensure a tailored program that evolves with your specific needs.

Phase 3 - Chaos Introduction: At the 3-5 month mark, this phase marks the integration of running, agility, and landings. Operating within our top-notch facility, we prioritize correct technique, systematically progressing neuromuscular control, and enhancing strength. With a focus on quality movement, our expert guidance propels you toward a successful return to dynamic activities.

Phase 4 - Return to Training and Return to Play: This critical phase involves evaluating athlete confidence, knee strength, stability, and overall biomechanics. Our gradual progression plan is meticulously designed, considering individual factors. We adhere to a minimum 9-month return-to-sport timeline, ensuring a comprehensive and cautious approach to safeguard your long-term performance.

Phase 5 - Return to Full Performance and Injury Prevention: As the culmination of your rehabilitation journey, this phase is pivotal for sustaining or elevating confidence, strength, and biomechanics. Our tailored post-discharge program, conducted right here in the heart of the Inner West at SportsFit in Five Dock, focuses on advanced elements like plyometrics, balance, and strength. It's a holistic approach aimed at not just recovery but long-term injury prevention and performance optimization.

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ACL Rehab Program

8 Stage ACL Rehab Plan (2).png

The SportsFit 8 Stage ACL Rehab Program

This SportsFit ACL Rehab Program is our inhouse system developed to return those with an ACL injury back to performing better than they were before their injury. 
Every person who comes in will have their program designed for them, broken up over 8 distinct stages over the course of 9- 12 months.

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