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Exercise Physiology In Five Dock

At SportsFit, we believe in using Exercise Physiology as a PROACTIVE approach to reduce our rate of injury and re-injury. Exercise Physiology is also targeted at combatting metabolic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. To put it simply, we use exercise as medicine. 


Our exercise physiology sessions are designed to help you improve your functional capacity, movement patterns and confidence.  Addressing these areas will effectively assist in keeping those aches and pains away. These sessions and programs are designed to help you achieve YOUR goals and each exercise that is given is given for a purpose. It’s not just a HIIT class. 


Our exercise physiologists are also trained in developing exercise programs for all levels from beginners to the experienced gym go-ers. 

The SportsFit Exercise Physiology program is led by Edmond

What Is An Accredit Exercise Physiologist (AEP)?

An accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) is a highly trained healthcare professional who specializes in the field of exercise physiology. They have a deep understanding of how the body responds to exercise and use this knowledge to design and implement exercise programs that cater to the individual needs and goals of their clients. AEPs work with people of all ages and conditions, including those with chronic diseases, disabilities, and injuries.

How is an Accredit Exercise Physiologist Different to a Physiotherapist or a Personal Trainer?

AEPs primarily focus on exercise prescription and its impact on physiological responses and chronic disease management. They specialize in designing exercise programs for individuals with various conditions, including chronic diseases, disabilities, and injuries.

AEPs use exercise as their primary modality of treatment. They design individualized exercise programs to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. They also provide education on lifestyle modifications and behaviour change strategies.

AEPs are trained to assess and manage the specific needs and considerations of clients with medical conditions. They have a deep understanding of the physiological responses to exercise and how it can be safely and effectively applied for therapeutic purposes.

AEP is also covered my Medicare (with a valid referral from a GP) and may be covered by some private health funds.

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