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Running Rehab: Elevate Your Return to Sport with SportsFit

Running Rehab at SportsFit—a crucial phase in reclaiming your sport. Our semi-individualized sessions, led by expert therapists, cater to a maximum of 4 participants, all within Five Dock Park.

Going beyond a prescription, our approach ensures a holistic preparation. We address every detail, from refining your running technique to infusing purpose into each stride and building confidence in directional changes.

Our structured sessions, tailored to your rehab stage, encompass:

  • Movement Prep

  • Optimized Running Mechanics

  • Effective Plyometrics

  • Acceleration Drills

  • Targeted Top Speed Drills

  • Precision in Change of Direction Drills

  • Conditioning

Field testing is seamlessly integrated, evaluating your speed, fitness, and readiness for a triumphant return to your sport. At SportsFit, our commitment is not just to quicken your return to running but to fortify it with strength and versatility.

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