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Athletes Who Competed without an ACL (Part 2)

One of our most popular blogs we have ever written was on successful stories about professional athletes who returned to sport without an ACL! So here we look at another 4 athletes who returned to sport without an ACL

Philip Rivers (NFL): The former NFL quarterback famously played several seasons without an ACL in one of his knees. He suffered a torn ACL in college and opted not to undergo surgery until much later in his career, playing with the injury through sheer determination.

Jaylon Smith (NFL): Smith, a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, sustained a severe knee injury during his final college game that included a torn ACL, MCL, and nerve damage. Despite the extensive damage, Smith was drafted into the NFL and has continued to play at a high level after undergoing surgery and extensive rehabilitation.

Hines Ward (NFL), the iconic NFL wide receiver, defied expectations by competing at the highest level despite an absent ACL. His sheer determination and unmatched work ethic propelled him through an entire season. The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver played an entire season with a torn ACL, remarkably managing to perform well even without the ligament.

Lindsey Vonn (Alpine Skiing): The Olympic skier competed and won races without an ACL in her knee. She delayed surgery until after the skiing season, allowing her to continue competing at a high level through sheer determination and with the help of a knee brace.

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