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Strength and Conditioning

At SportsFit, we provide a range of strength and conditioning options tailored to your needs.

One to One: Our personalized one-on-one strength and conditioning sessions focus on building strength, enhancing fitness, and boosting confidence. Ideal for those recovering from injuries or seeking specialized guidance, each session is uniquely tailored—no generic programs here.

Semi-Private: For a more dynamic experience, join our semi-private strength and conditioning classes. Limited to 4 participants per class and lasting 45-60 minutes, these sessions include a blend of upper and lower body exercises, incorporating 2-3 significant lifts per session.

These semi-individualized classes ensure a personalized touch. While exercises are shared, your reps, sets, rest periods, and weights differ based on your unique needs. To join, all participants must undergo a one-on-one session to assess movement competency and establish baseline strength measures.

Both one-on-one and group sessions are eligible for private health fund claims. Elevate your fitness journey with SportsFit.

Strength and Conditioning: About Us
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