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Strength and Conditioning

At SportsFit, we offer both one on one strength and conditioning sessions, and semi- private strength and conditioning


One to One: Our one to one strength and conditioning sessions are designed to help you get stronger, fitter, and more confident with your body. These sessions are ideal for those who have recently come back from an injury, or want to work with someone who understands the human body a bit more. 


All sessions are individualised. There are NO cookie cutter programs here. 


Semi Private: Our semi private strength and conditioning classes are limited to 4 people per  a class, and are 45- 60 minutes long. They will contain a mix of upper body and lower body exercise, with 2- 3 big lifts per a session. 

These training sessions are semi- individualised. This means that even though you will be doing the same exercises as everyone else, your reps, sets, rest periods, and weight you move will be different. 


All clients who wish to join the group class MUST have a one on one session first to check for movement competency, and take baseline strength measures


All strength and conditioning sessions can be claimed by private health funds

Strength and Conditioning: About Us
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