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Modern Physiotherapy Services and Rehab

Every Injury Is Unique

A modern physiotherapist understands more than just how the body works. They understand how rehab works. They understand how to plan for long term and short term goals, and keep themselves accountable to you. 

 ...wait does this sound familiar? 

It should be. It’s straight from our ‘Sports Physiotherapy’ page. 

There is a reason for that

That’s because the way we get your injury better, involves a similar approach as to how we would get someone back to sport. 

We are just as passionate about getting you back in the office/work site/back with the kids as we are about working with an athlete. 

You deserve more care than a machine on your back, or generic exercises that are not tailored to you

You deserve to have a solution that doesn’t just patch you up and set you up to fail six months down the track

You deserve to be able to live your life to the fullest. You deserve to get back into any activity you want to, without pain, or risk of re- injury. 

And that includes if you are coming on WorkCover, CTP insurance, the Medicare/EPC, or as a private patient. 

Get out of pain. Move better. Get confident. 

Welcome to the future. Welcome to SportsFit.

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The SportsFit System

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