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Soccer Tricks

Offseason Football Program

Welcome to SportsFit, the home of football athletic development in the inner west. Our football program is dedicated to equipping aspiring young footballers with the physical capabilities and skills needed to excel. With our evidence-based approach, we deliver high-quality programs for improved physical performance.

What Is It?

The SportsFit Offseason Football Program is for 12- 18 year olds.


Our comprehensive  program is split into 2 blocks of 6 weeks and is designed to maximize your athletic abilities. Through a combination of field and gym sessions, we target key areas such as running mechanics, sprint speed, reaction time, agility, conditioning, power, and strength.


Each training block consists of two six-week periods, allowing for a progressive and systematic approach to your development. During the 45-minute field sessions, you'll experience a dynamic range of activities. Starting with a tailored football/running priming warm-up, followed by running technique correction exercises and then into reaction-based drills and sprinting and conditioning drills.

To begin, we provide a complimentary introductory week for comprehensive testing and establishing baselines. This ensures a tailored program aligned with your needs and goals. During this period, we assess your abilities and provide guidance on correct technique for compound lifts. These fundamental exercises are integral to our program, emphasizing proper form and execution to maximize progress.



Send us a email to find out more or to reserve your spot. Program beings 1st of September and is capped at 8 spots

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