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Cricket Bowler

Offseason Cricket Program

the Offseason Cricket Program at SportsFit, your premier destination for cricket athletic development in the inner west. Specifically designed for aspiring cricketers under the age of 18, our program focuses on cultivating both the physical capabilities and essential skills required for excellence on the field. Embracing an evidence-based methodology, we provide top-notch programs aimed at enhancing overall physical performance.

What Is It?

Introducing the SportsFit Offseason Cricket Program tailored for 12-18 year olds, with a special focus on pace bowlers and batsmen aiming to elevate their fitness levels.

This comprehensive program spans two blocks of 6 weeks each, strategically crafted to optimize your athletic potential. Through a blend of field and gym sessions, our program hones in on critical areas such as conditioning, speed, strength, and power.

Each training block comprises two consecutive six-week periods, allowing for a methodical and progressive approach to your overall development. In our dynamic 45-minute field sessions, you'll engage in a diverse range of activities. The session kicks off with a personalized running priming warm-up, followed by corrective exercises for running techniques, and concludes with sprinting and conditioning drills.

To kickstart your journey, we offer a complimentary session for testing and establishing baselines. This initial assessment ensures a program tailored to your unique needs and goals. Throughout this period, we evaluate your abilities and provide guidance on proper techniques for compound lifts. These foundational exercises play a pivotal role in our program, emphasizing correct form and execution to optimize your progress.



Send us a email to find out more or to reserve your spot. Program beings in April  and is capped at 8 spots

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