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Semi Private Services

Semi Private Sessions are a cost effective way to do your rehab or fitness training. We offer three times of semi- private sessions


Semi- Private Strength and Conditoning

Our semi private strength and conditioning classes are limited to 4 people per  a class, and are 45- 60 minutes long. They will contain a mix of upper body and lower body exercise, with 2- 3 big lifts per a session.

Semi Private Rehab Session

Semi private rehab sessions are an economical way to do your rehab. These classes are limited to 4 people per a class, are semi- individualised, and run for 45- 60 minutes

Semi Private Services: Services

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Running Rehab sessions are an important part of getting you back into your sport. They are semi- individualised, led by one of our therapists, and limited to 5 people.

Semi Private Services: Services
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